About Deep River and Deep River Coffee Roasting

Deep River is the name of a town, a township, and the stream that passes on the north side of the town. The Fox and Sac Indians that lived along its banks of the stream named it Sap-Pom-Ah (meaning Deep River). As the stream meandered through its flood plain, it was constantly changing its course, sometimes cutting into the steep little hills found in some places near the banks. This results in some high banks and it is from these high banks, not the depth of the water, that the stream gets its name. In one place the bank is approximately twenty-seven feet above the water which is only about two and a half feet deep.

When Chris Hanson discovered Deep River he knew this was the place to setup business.



Deep River Township The first township election was held in 1857 with the following officers: Ephraim Cox, Asa Cohoe and John Morgan, trustees; Myron Whitney, clerk; L. Mayo, C.M. Wolcott, justices of the peace; H. Armstrong and C. Barber, constables; and James Hillman, road supervisor.
Town of Deep River

The town of Deep River was incorporated in the summer of 1887 after the Northwestern Railroad spur from Belle Plaine to Muchakinock in southern Iowa was built. Horace Phelps built a depot and gave the railroad $1,500 to secure the location there. The citizens of Dresden then soon followed and the new town of Deep River grew, leaving Dresden largely uninhabited.