Fresh Roasted Coffee

Drink only the very best!

Traditionally, the term gourmet has implied a fancier, and exclusive level of quality in our foods and drinks. They have long been associated as the regular fare for the rich and famous, and out of reach for everyone else. Throughout its history, coffee has been available in varying quality and price. This has the strength of making it accessible for all, but if it’s the gourmet version that you are looking for, it was the exclusive pride of the rich. However, with the rate of coffee consumption growing every year, the best quality “gourmet” coffee is becoming more and more commonplace. It is widely available and highly affordable, if you know what you are looking for. Today, what divides the regular coffee drinkers from the high quality coffee drinkers is not wealth or status, it’s merely a little information to help you make better choices online, at the supermarket, or in the coffee shop.

Knowing your product is all you need to be sipping on the finest brew!

Coffee is made from a bean found within a berry. The berry grows and ripens on small evergreen bushes, called Coffea plants. After the berry has been harvested and dried, you are left with the coffee bean. This green bean is packaged, sold and shipped to roasters all over the world, where the bean undergoes the final process that is most familiar to the consumer. The bean is roasted to varying degrees of flavor. Most commonly light, medium, or dark, which gives it the brown appearance we associate with coffee. At this point, the roasted coffee beans are either packaged still whole, or they are ground, and sold. Buying whole beans is considered the freshest way to enjoy your coffee, as you only grind them as you need them, and home coffee grinders are readily available. Ground coffee is best purchased in smaller quantities, depending on your needs.

The two most common species of the coffea plant, which supply the world with coffee beans, are Robusta and Arabica. Gourmet coffee is called so when it comes from the top tier of the Arabica Coffea plant. These top tier plants are quite literally grown at the top, at very high altitudes, and of course with good soil and ideal climate. The coffee beans produced have a fuller flavor, are more aromatic, and have less caffeine than other varieties. Arabica beans of any altitude are still considered superior to the Robusta bean, with richer flavor, but the higher altitude exclusively creates the gourmet bean.

Your choice of coffee beans are the foundation to your brew. With the right coffee bean, you have endless possibilities in how to create your favorite gourmet beverage. It is important to take care of your beans and store them properly before you use them. If you purchase your beans whole, in bags, consider transferring them to plastic or ceramic containers to keep them fresh as long as possible.

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